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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sochaux - Bordeaux 2-3

Sochaux fullstandigt utspelade i forsta halvlek, kannde knappt pa bollen. Bordeaux leder 2-0 efter 45 min.

Charlie kom pa i paus. Helt annan matchbild i andra. Sochaux har bra med chanser och i 61 min gor Charlie mal, vander och skjuter snyggt.

I 81a gor Bordeaux 3-1 pa horna. Mycket snyggt.

Charlie ocksa mycket nara att snacka sig till ett gult kort, blir tillslut bara en tillsagelse.

Pa overtid lyckas Sochaux pa nat satt gora ett mal till, Charlie far det officielt men riktig skitmal, svart att se vem som gjorde det.

Kanns for javligt trist att bajen 'skankt' bort Charlie for 1.5M Eur. Han skulle ha behovts idag mot Elfsborg. Efter vad jag sag idag ar det nog ratt stor chans att Charlie ar Sochaux basta spelare innan sasongen ar slut. Vardet pa honom borde da vara minst 7M.

Flaggviftare och nagra Burberry kepsar. Utsjungna av 300 Bordeaux supportrar i borta sektionen. Pinsamt.

Sochaux varmer upp. Charlie ger tummen upp till bajen flaggan. Borjar pa banken.

Har ni sett en san har forrut era j-lar?

Monday, 10 August 2009

Luzern - Xamax

Hakan Yakin lagger horna. 2-1.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Yankees - Red Socks

Den har tog inte slut forran kvart i ett. 15 innings utan poang. Tog en A-Rod homerun for att fa slut pa elandet. Det varsta var att dom slutade salja bira i 7e.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Basel - Luzern

Basel ar en mycket trevlig bortamatch. Fin stadion och kort resa. 1-1

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bajen - Orgryte

Kanns som det har maste vara sasongens absoluta lagpunkt. Kul att ha varit med om det...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Change of URL

This is probably the last post here for a while. I have set up a new FC Luzern blog at

Just cant Beat that dot com

This mostly since I don't go to nearly enough Hammarby games to have a real story to tell.

Forza Bajen!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Barcelona wins Long-ears Cup

Or does it look more like Bent-spoons-stuck-to-a-tin-Cup? Surprising lack of creativity and spirit from Manchester. Barcelona cruising keeping the ball for long spells but very few chances.

Sad to see the game played in the Rome athletics stadium, even if you put plastic turf on the tracks they still suck. At least Silvio looked happy kissing Ronaldo, maybe AC next for him?

Also, Platini looks like he lives in a restaurant. He has definetely been enjoing a few meals and some red sauce with them.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

rc strasbourg - reims

Ligue 2. Strasbourg won 3-2 in a good game, at least as good as Freiburg and better than most Swiss first division game I have seen. Stadium was probably 3/4 full, a little bit disappointing as Strasbourg could have been promoted had the other results gone their way.

One big downside of french football is the catering in general and the drinks in particular. Who in their right mind thinks an alcohol 'free' Amstel is worth 3 Euros?

The 'ultras' of strasbourg sits in in one corner behind a goal and they kept on during the whole game, though the rest of the stadium would only join in when they were winning. There were also maybe about 50 fred perry and burberry hooligan types behind one goal, making abig point of not chanting it seemed. They looked pretty uninterested in the game and more keen to look like they were dangerous and liked ot push each other around. Next to them a couple of old types in their 50's that seemed to be in control, kept saying it 'ca va chauffee ce soir'. The police were standing by outside. Very sad. I have no idea if it did, left straight after the game.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Swiss Hooligans

Continued denial about the hooligan problem in CH. From what I saw on tv and have read in the press there police presence inside the stadium was nonexistent.

Players were interviewed on TV while there were clear signs of trouble behind them and this was just ignored.

On the good news side, Hammarby beat Malmo 1-0 at home and have now moved above the relegation spots. Something tells me we may not stay there...

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

basel - fcl 2-0

welcome to basel

riot police ready to do their job. is that shovel for snow or people?

Smile, youre on camera.

I guess this guy is a spotter. Basel had very heavy policing - could be the outcome of what happened in the Sion game or maybe they just bought some policeman's toys and wanted to try them out.

Friday, 1 May 2009

sverige-usa hokki vm

forsta gangen jag nansin ser tre kronor. har ingen aning om vem som spelar. dessutom en meningslos grupp match. iallafall finns det staplats som ar otroligt brant utan skydd. klar majoritet av schweizarna verkar halla pa sverige. cheerleaders. dessutom verkar det som om hockey forbundet andrat reglerna under pagaende turnering for att undvika att tyskarna, som ar pa vag att aka ur inte gor det eftersom att dom arrangerar nasta ar. World Wrestling Federation.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Lucerne leaves the 'rote Lanterne' in Vaduz after a first(!) away win of the season. I had to miss this game (and the Hammarby - dif/ ifk double that was planned) due to a work trip.

austrian second division

What kind of entertainment could possible beat a friday night game in the Austrian Second division? Wacker Innsbruck, playing infront of 3700 in a stadion for 30000 beat FC Pax Gratkorn 4-1.

Austrian football is something else, just look at what happened in Salzburg when Red Bull bought the local team as if it was a MLS franchise. Austrian League officials didnt mind. Lennart Johansson would be proud. When will they abolish releagtion? Time out, anyone?